Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks Worth Installing – August 2013

top cydia tweaks

As iOS 7 final release approaches, we still have got a chance to cover recent Cydia tweaks. While, in my opinion, there aren’t many tweaks worth mentioning, there have been some that you should download right now to your jailbroken device. You can watch the video below to get a hands-on/review of the following tweaks or click here.


VideoPane is a tweak that I have always wanted to be featured in the Jailbreak community since the Samsung Galaxy SIII. If you are familiar with Samsung devices, they feature ‘Pop-Up’ video, which simply enables you to watch a video at the same time as you do other things on your device. With VideoPane, you get that same exact feature on your jailbroken iDevice. You are able to play/pause, close out, or go to fullscreen when VideoPane is enabled. It works with YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Netflix, Safari, Twitter, Dropbox, Twitch, iPlayer, and more. One thing I really enjoyed is the snapping feature.

Developer: Ryan Petrich
Repo: BigBoss
Price: $1.99

LockBar Pro

In iOS 7, we now get a new feature called, “Control Center”. With Control Center, you are able to toggle different settings straight from either the lockscreen or homescreen. LockBar Pro sort of brings that your Jailbroken device. When LockBar Pro is enabled, you are able to swipe up from the lock screen and toggle various settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, and etc.

Developer: bushe
Repo: ModMyi
Price: $1.99


If you’ve wanted a way to quickly access your previous apps you already had open, Reminisce is for you. With Reminisce, you are able to simply swipe from the left/right edge of the screen and slide your finger above 5 previous opened apps. Let go while hovering over the app and BOOM! You go back to that app.

Developer: Brian Cooper
Repo: BigBoss
Price: $1.99

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