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How to Get Paid Apps & Gift Cards for FREE [No Jailbreak Required]

I recently started using a service called FreeAppLife, which allows you to get paid apps, gift cards, and even iOS devices completely for free. Seriously. With FreeAppLife, you download free apps and quickly start gaining points for those apps, then get rewarded by redeeming those points for paid apps available in the App Store, gift cards from Amazon or App Store, &  iOS devices! Within minutes of using FreeAppLife, I’ve accumulated enough points to get a $5-$10 app in the App Store! Pretty awesome!

*FreeAppLife is available on iOS devices only*

To get started, watch the video above & follow the steps below:

Step 1: On your iOS device, click here.

Step 2: Tap on Sign Up and enter your email address along with a custom password. This will allow to keep track of your points in case you clear your cookies from Safari in the future.

Step 3: When you sign up, tap on Unlock Sponsors > Activate FreeAppLife > Install. This will install FreeAppLife web-app to your device.
Step 4: Start downloading the free apps to get points! Be sure to leave the apps open and running for 30 seconds or more to receive the points.
When you’re finished downloading all the apps and feel like spending some points, head over to the rewards section!
To redeem more credits, you can refer your friends using your referral link or if you want to be awesome & want to support the site, give them ours

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