play ninja fishing online

Play Ninja Fishing Online

For those who’ve been playing Ninja Fishing on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and addicted to play this game all day probably looking to play ninja fishing online through Web browser, just like the popular Angry Birds. Unfortunately, there is no such playing fishing ninja online yet, but you can play the original idea of this game, called Radical Fishing.

Ninja Fishing App

Vlambeer Games’ web-based Radical Fishing was copied by Gamenauts, and released for iOS as Ninja Fishing. So, in both games, you start by controlling a hook falling through the water, dodging fish on the way down. You then pull the hook up at high speed, grabbing as many fish as you can. Then you yank the fish out of the water and destroy as many as you can before they splash back down. The art is different, and there are some tweaks, but the both ninja fishing and radical fishing games are, at the very least, closely related.

play ninja fishing online

Well, if you would like to play Ninja Fishing online, go ahead to to play radical fishing instead.

By the way, the developer of Radical Fishing planned to release Ridiculous Fishing on iTunes, as a sequel to Radical Fishing as their debut on iOS, but yet never be found til date.

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