Pwned DFU Mode

PWNED DFU mode is different with normal DFU mode. To put iPhone into DFU mode, you can use the normal method by pressing home and sleep/wake button. But you cannot use the same method to put iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into DFU mode.

Pwned DFU mode

So, what is Pwned DFU mode?

Pwned dfu mode means that the device has been exploited while in DFU mode and the software of the iPhone has been patched, hence the device is ready to accept abnormal operation such as allowing you to restore custom firmware.

What is the purpose of entering pwned dfu mode?
In pwned dfu mode, you can restore custom firmware into the device without any errors during the restore progress. When you are jailbreaking using limera1n or greenpois0n, the device will also need to enter pwned dfu mode first before jailbreaking the device. It will be done automatically by the jailbreak tools.

In normal DFU mode, restoring a custom firmware will causing unknown error occurred on iTunes.

To enter iPhone into pwned dfu mode, you will need help from additional software or jailbreak tools such as iReb, PwnageTool, redsn0w, greenpois0n, limera1n, etc.

How-to enter PWNED dfu mode?
Please check our iPhone How-to and Tutorial how-to enter pwned dfu mode.

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