iPod Touch Teardown Chip RAM Processor

How much RAM in iPod Touch 4G?

Are you wondering How much RAM in iPod Touch 4G?

Some people say the new iPod Touch has approximately 512 RAM, but others saying that iPod Touch 4th-generation only has 256 MB RAM. You will not be able to find information about how much RAM inside the iPod Touch on Apple’s official website on Apple.com because they dont reveal the total RAM inside iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad devices.

So, how much RAM does iPod Touch have?

iFixIt has posted its teardown of the fourth-generation iPod touch, discovering several interesting details about the iPod Touch. Most notably, the iPod Touch 4G has A4 processor, the same as the iPad 1 A4 processor and it offers only 256MB of RAM, unlike iPhone 4 which has 512MB of RAM.

iPod Touch Teardown Chip RAM Processor
RED: A4 processor package is K4X2G643GE

The key marking of interest on the A4 processor package is K4X2G643GE. This is identical to the marking found on the iPad processor, but different from the iPhone 4 processor. The iPad 1 has 256 MB RAM, while the iPhone 4 features 512 MB of RAM. Unfortunately, this means that like the iPad, the new iPod Touch includes only 256 MB of RAM.

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