Difference iPhone4S and iPhone4

Reasons To Buy and Not To Buy iPhone 4S

Apple appears to have implemented a Tick-Tock tactics. The 3GS enhanced on the 3G, but wasn’t a whole new design, that came with the iPhone 4. And then the iPhone 4S enhances on the earlier model, again without being redesigned.
It’s a strategy that works well, based on previous iPhone history. But, does the changes worth an upgrade? A lot of people ended up deflated once they found out that there was no iPhone 5 released, while some cheered after they watched Siri and the beefier iPhone 4S hardware specs.

Difference iPhone4S and iPhone4
Difference iPhone4S and iPhone4
Difference iPhone4S and iPhone4
Difference iPhone4S and iPhone4

Here is short list of changes that may make you say “Yes, iPhone4S is worth to buy!” and also a few things that could potentially discourage you from upgrading to the iPhone 4S.

Reasons to buy iPhone 4S

  • Dual-core processor and 7x more powerful GPU. This is more than just iPad2 processor inside iPhone. It’s a great upgrade.

    A5 CPU (Processor) Chip
    A5 CPU (Processor) Chip
  • Siri natural language commands and dictation engine

    Siri: What can I help you with?
    Siri: What can I help you with?
  • 8MP camera with improved low-light performance and capture speed
  • 1080p video capture with stabilization
  • GSM/CDMA dual-mode device
  • No more death grip / ‘antennage’ issue as we seen on iPhone4.
  • 64GB option for those who never feel enough on 32GB
  • Power-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

But if you patience enough to wait for iPhone 5 release, here are some reasons that would make you stay for future upgrade.

Reasons not to buy iPhone 4S

  • Same design
  • Same screen too, both in terms of size and resolution
  • The amount of RAM is the same
  • Siri doesn’t work too well for people outside the US

Well, these are just a short list, not an in-depth review whether to go upgrade iPhone 4S or just stay on your current iPhone 4. We understand the majority of people who’ll be buying the iPhone 4S are current iPhone users, so a hassle-free review would be poor quality for these people. For this reason we are being focused on the differences between iPhone4S and the iPhone4, instead of explaining details they’ve been well experienced with, which may not be very useful with the upgrade or not question.

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