Why Unlock iPhone? Benefits and Reasons to Unlock iPhone

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Why Unlock iPhone? Reasons why unlock iPhone is important

Apple sells iPhone in two ways, locked-contract phone and officially unlocked phone which is off-contract.

Why Unlock iPhone

Signing up for a contract is by far the most cost-effective option for getting an iPhone if you don’t have the money to buy the phone directly from Apple.

But, getting an unlocked iPhone is the best option you should consider, here are the reasons why:

  • The most reason why to unlock iPhone is so you can use local SIM cards when you are overseas. Imagine that you travel abroad but the only cellphone you have is locked to your carrier. What to do next? Buy a new cellphone? That would not be a wise decision.
  • When it’s the time to sell your current iPhone on eBay to get the new model, why foreign buyers should buy your locked iPhones? Locked iPhones are worthless to foreign buyers, that is the next reason why should you unlock iPhone.
  • You can use any SIM cards, whether you are overseas or not.

But, the price of factory unlocked iPhone is three times more expensive than carrier-locked iPhones and we are the solution. You can unlock your on-contract iPhone and save $450 for 16 GB iPhone.

Imagine if you take factory-unlock iPhone from Apple, it will cost you $649 for 16 GB iPhone, or $749 for 16 GB iPhone, or $849 for 16 GB iPhone.
What a HUGE save!

Unlocking iPhone by software will give you an unlocked iPhone at a significant cut-off rather than buying factory unlocked iPhone and the ability to access the cellular world through any carrier anywhere in the world. When traveling in countries where you choose to use a GSM carrier, simply obtain a SIM card from the local carrier and physically swap it out through the use-accessible slot in the side of the phone.

To know how-to unlock iPhone, see our How-to Unlock section.

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