redsn0w error: Missing Keys.plist data for this build

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Missing Keys.plist data for this build.

Having this error on redsn0w is frustating! We know that!

So, how to fix this redsn0w issue?

redsn0w error: Missing Keys.plist data for this build

redsn0w error: “Missing Keys.plist data for this build”

It has been tested that Missing Keys.plist data for this build error with redsn0w can be fixed with any of these tricks (choose the one you preferred). But we give no guarantee that it works with every one, so if any of trick doesn’t work, simply try another one til you manage to fix this issue.

Make sure that you run redsn0w with Administrator priviledge. Then you may try any of the tricks one by one til you passed the error successfully!

  1. Move it to USB 2 instead of USB 3. We have the iPhone connected through USB 3 port (the blue one) and getting the error all the time. So, if you’re connecting the iPhone to a USB port with blue color (USB v3), pull it off and put it into another black USB port (USB v2).
  2. What if you don’t have USB 2? Well, the next trick you should try is restarting your notebook/laptop/computer. I also have USB 3 working well before, but after the notebook went “sleep” / “hibernate”, there seem to be a glitch with the USB. So, restarting your computer may help you to sort out Missing Keys.plist error!
  3. Not working? Well, you never had your redsn0w working on the current computer due to Missing Keys.plist issue, what if you try another computer? It will help you with this issue!
  4. None of them working? Would you take a look on your USB data cable you used for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch? The cable probably “broken” and giving a retry with another cable will give you more chance to fix the problem! See your dock connector too, is it seem “broken”?
  5. More tricks? Unfortunately, NO! That’s all the tips we got to help you with Missing Keys.plist data problem! But giving more chance by downloading the latest version of redsn0w is worth to try, though we assumed that you already used the latest version, right?

Well, if you have any other trick(s) to help other users with Missing Keys.plist data error, please share your own method to sort it out!

Hope this helps!

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