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REVIEW: CellHelmet for iPhone 4/4S Case

CellHelmet for the iPhone 4/4S

We, at SenseiPhone, got to get our hands on CellPig’s latest case known as the CellHelmet. The CellHelmet is not only a case, but a lifesaver! Unlike many [or even all] of the other cases available for the iPhone 4/4S, this case gives you up to a year of Accidental Damage Coverage!

The CellHelmet is a smoked rubber shell & is customizable. The package comes with 2 colored backplates that simply slide in to the CellHelmet case. You can also customize it with your very own picture since the case is semi-transparent. They do provide other color selections if you prefer others like black/white, pink/purple, & blue/green.
[You can also pick up a clear rubber shell if you aren’t a fan of the smoke rubber shell]

Flipping it to the top, we do have an opening for the headphones & mic. Now, I did seem to have some trouble plugging in my AUX cord with the case installed, but I still got it plugged in. It took a little pushing and moving to get it in there well. The power/sleep button is covered up, but is still accessible.

On the side of the case, we have an opening to access your volume buttons and the silent on/off switch.

There is accessibility for both the speakers and 30-pin dock connector on the bottom of the case.

Flipping it to the back of the case, we do have a cut out for the camera and LED flash which is always great to have. The case doesn’t effect the photos taken when using the LED flash unlike some other cases I have used in the past.

Another thing that comes included with the CellHelmet is the accidental damage coverage. Simply apply the code on their website. The coverage last up to a year and you MUST apply it within 30 days of purchase. All the information is displayed on the card on how to obtain access to the accidental damage coverage. CellPig stands by their product and will repair or even replace your device if there is ever some type of hardware damage when dropped using their CellHelmet. This is great for those who think your iPhone is 150% safe when using a case — me for example.


In conclusion, I believe this case does the job on protecting your iPhone, and with the accidental damage coverage, this is a win in my book! You can always count on your phone being well protected, especially with the CellHelmet. I have dropped my phone by accident a few times when slipping it out of my pocket and my iPhone had zero damage to it.

The price on this case is $44.99, and before you think, “THAT IS A LOT FOR A CASE!”, you got to consider the accidental damage coverage which is included. You are paying for both a case, and protection! Can’t beat that!

You can pick this case up from CellPig.com for $44.99!

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