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JackBacks is not another iPhone/iPad case company. They make Real Wood iPhone 4S/4 Accessories. The real wood that is laser cut and handcrafted to work perfectly with your iPhone, giving you a custom look that merges the beauty of nature with the power of technology.

Mahogany iPhone Backplate from JackBack

Mahogany iPhone Backplate from JackBack

Starting from $99 for iPhone 4 Black back case with Mahogany wood up to $174 for iPhone 4S Cherry wood + your own custom Photo Art Etch.

Here is a review of these JackBacks.

With such amount of money, you will get the Premium Wood iPhone Back Replacement plus 4pt phillips and 5pt pentalobe screwdrivers. You’ll get kind of a little overview walkthrough of what the case of the back piece looks like.

Here’s what the inside of it looks like; it’s a nice little metal plate, and also the actual wood.

iPhone back plate JackBack inside

iPhone back plate JackBack from the inside

As you can see the camera cut out and the flash LED properly fit with the iPhone camera. And right now I’m going to throw up some before and after pictures with the flash on and with the flash off with the OEM back here, because it’s got some diffuser in there and this one doesn’t have the diffuser, but you guys be the judge of what looks different, or if it even looks different at all. I actually won’t be able to tell until I put this video up. So you guys take a look at it, tell me what it looks like, and hopefully it should look the same.
Here are some after pictures with the flash on and with the flash off just to show you guys what it looks like with the JackBack.

Camera Flash Test with and without Jackback Plate

Camera Flash Test with and without Jackback Plate

The installation is super quick, all you do is remove the two bottom screws from the iPhone with the tools provided, and install the JackBack iPhone back plate there. Now as you guys can tell this looks super super sick. It only looks really really good actually. It smells really good, it’s got a nice feel to it, it’s very solid feeling. It doesn’t really detract from the back of the phone; it gives it a nice feel. It doesn’t stick out, your fingers just run right off the edge as the wood comes right up to the lip of the actual – I guess plastic bezel maybe? The white from the genuine OEM and the white from the JackBack they all match so everything looks nice and clean.

I was kind of afraid that this iPhone back plate was actually going to be a little bit flimsy, but not at all. This feels freaking awesome.

Real Galnut and Mahogany Woods iPhone Back

Real Galnut and Mahogany Woods iPhone Back

JackBacks is one of the original gangsters in the game as far as asking these real wood back decals. You are paying for such high quality iPad/iPhone accessories.

Custom Wood iPhone Back Case

Custom Wood iPhone Back Case

I hope this Jackback review does justice as far as showing off the high quality and the high amount of detail that was paid into each JackBack.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this review. As you can tell, these JackBacks are of high quality. That’s why they’re so expensive.

Watch the video review of JackBack’s Real Wood iPhone Back Plate

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