Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ ads Poking fun at Apple fanboys

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Samsung has improved its “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” marketing strategy with a new video, which posted about a few days ago to YouTube. Similar to its previous ad, the 90-second spot makes fun of Apple fanboys waiting in line to buy the iPhone 5, something happening at this moment in Apple Stores worldwide. Doors open at 8 am local time on September 21 for iPhone 5’s official launch.

Samsung's "The Next Big Thing" ad

Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing” ad

The Samsung started the ad campaign in November 2011, soon after launch of iPhone 4S. In 2012, the ad come first and are sure to continue afterwards. This spot carries forward the storyline for at least one character — that is for anyone who has watched the series. It’s clever storytelling for advertising.

Anyway, the campaign is attractive and entertaining. Do you think the Samsung ads will put a dent in iPhone 5 sales? We would like to know!

There are a number of quotes we like in the clip including:

I heard the connector is all digital!
The headphone jack is on the bottom!
This one’s 4G. This one has a big screen.
We’re gonna get that, for sure. Maybe not this time, but next time.

What was your favorite part?

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