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How-to Save Images/Pictures from Safari on iPhone

Ever looked at good pictures on Internet, or best photos of friend while browsing through Safari browser on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that may be good to be set as a background wallpaper of your iPhone. It could be Homescreen wallpaper or LockScreen wallpaper, or both of them.

But, unfortunately, you do not know how-to save an image from Safari browser on iPhone?

That’s too bad!

Here is a very easy way to save images using iPhone’s Safari instead saving it into your computer and sync it with the device to get the image on photo library.

To save picture on Safari, you just need to tap on the image and keep holding on it until the menu pop-up and asking you what to do.

Save picture on Safari iPhone

There are three actions you can perform with the image you are holding on:

  • Save Image
  • Copy
  • Cancel

Tap Save Image to download and save the picture into your Photos library. Once saved, you will be able to see it on Camera Roll album on Photos app on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Watch the video How-to Save Images/Pictures from Safari on iPhone:

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