Save money with Mint App for iPhone

Here is a personal finance apps that is absolutely free and available at the iTunes store. The perfect application for those looking at ways and means to save their money by keeping a complete account of their spending against their savings and earnings. This is your money on–the-go, allowing users to manage their finances irrespective of where they are. Mint is safe and secured with a 4-digit PIN and iPhone access opt-out button, leaving users at peace when they access their financial data. Mint is flexible allowing you to track your spending, budget, categorize transactions and even summarize your various bank accounts like credit card and savings account.

Mint version 1.12.125 has loads of interesting features which has earned it a 4+ reputation in the iTunes store.


    • Allows you to monitor cash flow and avoids payment of late fees, by sending the user regular email and even text alerts with regards to fees, payment due dates and even if your balance is low.
    • Keeps a track of investments and this includes IRAs, brokerage accounts and lots more.

  • With access to Google Places, looking for a merchant is possible especially when you need to add a transaction.
  • You can Find Savings for e.g. you can look for the best home loan options within a few minutes. Mint analyses your accounts, spending, credit ratings and banks to help you look for a personalized loan.
  • You can also view a graphical picture of your spending, savings, investments etc on a daily, monthly or annual basis as per your
  • Its Auto Categorization feature makes it easy to use, since it files your accounts in the right category. The listed categories are easy to modify, re-categorize and edit.
  • You can set a goal for e.g. target savings amount, retirement fund etc. Enter your target amount and get a progress report on how you are doing. Most importantly you get free advice on how to reach your goals faster.
  • Security is top class with Mint, in fact users can be rest assured with their money details. With a 24/7 email and text alerts you know what happens to your funds, moreover since this is a read-only service, you cannot move funds from one account to another using your Mint.

There are however a few critical views about the Mint, for e.g. the application crashes or freezes sometimes for no apparent reason, refreshing the screen could help for a while. Using the Categories section has also been a bit tiresome for a few users, as it fails to work as promised sometimes, which is definitely a big disappointment. US Bank account users have faced issues with linking it to Mint. There are a few bugs with Mint, like not being able to split transactions, but that’s about it.

However the new features are what is very attractive and helpful, apart from it being free apps. Overall a good app that will help you save money!

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