iPhone 5 Aluminum Back Scratches

Scratches that may occur on the rear cover of the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Aluminum Back Scratches
iPhone 5 Aluminum Back Scratches

A couple of days ago, Apple released the products that people have waited for a half year, namely, the iPhone 5. This product, among others in the its smartphone series, has a curious reputation for a delicate and easy to hack cover.

iPhone 5 users already discovered dent marks on the product’s rear cover, within one week of owning the product. Testing these products regarding the smartphone’s protection suggests that the iPhone 4S’ glass back is slightly resistant, even better than the one of the iPhone 5.

In fact, folks at Pocket-Lint had brought up these issues in their review as they discovered on the black iPhone 5 model, the edge had started to show wear-sign after using it briefly.

Ditching the glass back and reducing the thickness of the glass panel on the front has affected the design of the metal band around the edge of the iPhone. It is now chamfered and while that looks pretty, we’ve already noticed that on the black model the edge has started to wear, revealing the shiny silver aluminium metal underneath the “slate” coloured coating and, indeed, we’ve witnessed it on two separate models, ruling out a fluke manufacturing error.

These small scuffs will catch the light and make the phone look visibly worn. We suspect that it won’t be as noticeable on the white model because the metal edging is silver, so that’s worth bearing in mind when you come to order your colour choice.

In other words, leaving your iPhone 5 and your keys in the same pocket may leave remarkable hacks on its outer layers. Specialists and iFixit members do not recommend the anodized aluminum back due to the dent-proof low quality material, being easy to hack in spite of its’ elegant yet though appearance. Users worldwide are already questioning the quality and durability of their electronic product.
The iFixit released a video testing the cover’s looks after a series of “accidents” occur, embedded below.

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