Check ESN of Verizon/Sprint iPhone Online

This service will check ESN Verizon/Sprint iPhone.

Check ESN iPhone Verizon/Sprint

Check ESN iPhone Verizon/Sprint

Why Do You Need to Check iPhone ESN?

Before using the iPhone on CDMA network (Sprint, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, etc), you must have a clean ESN.
Clear ESN means that the iPhone may be activated and used on the network it is made for.

This service useful for those who want to check ESN of the iPhone they’re going to buy from eBay, craiglist, etc. Also useful for folks who want to unlock Verizon iPhone 4S, or unlock Sprint which require clean ESN. So before placing order you can

What if your iPhone has bad ESN?

Bad ESN iPhone can be a lot of things. When a phone is listed as bad ESN, it means that the original owner reported the iPhone as lost/stolen, activated on another account, or owner could not keep up with the contract payments.

If placed on the STOLEN list only the original owner who placed it on the stolen list can remove it from that list.
If it is lost as reported to insurance if takes an act of god to get it removed from that.

But if you want to fix bad ESN iPhone 4/4S on Verizon, you may try our service that will allow you to turn the bad ESN iPhone into Clean ESN iPhone.

Bad ESN iPhone can be used on CDMA network if it allows unbranded phones to be used on their network. Such Verizon or Sprint network doesnt accept any mobile phones which are non-branded exclusively for Verizon or Sprint. But if you want to unlock it for GSM, you may fix the bad ESN first, if it’s fixable. If you want to keep use it on Verizon or Sprint, use our service to clean up your bad ESN.

Fix iPhone Verizon with Bad ESN (iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 only)
Fix iPhone Sprint with Bad ESN (iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 only)

Check iPhone ESN now!

Price: $2.99
Estimate process: 1-12 Hours

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