Siege Hero: First Person Angry Birds

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Siege Hero can be descried simply as a first person version of Angry Birds. Armor Games, the company behind Siege Hero would probably not like this reference as they made a game called ‘Crush the Castle’ which was similar to Angry Birds and was released six months before Angry Birds initial release.

This seemingly minor change actually affects gameplay a awful lot and will change the way you destroy the games structures. Of course the principles are similar to Angry Birds. You destroy structures with as few shots as possible killing all the guards in the level.

Of course with the first person perspective your shots are flung from the front which can allow you to attack the forts from all angles. And similar to Angry Birds you should consider destroying structures compared to simply attacking guards individually.

The weapons you get range from the very basic such as rocks and collections of rocks up to the more advanced weapons such as bombs, fires and even torrents of hot oil!

You have 150 castles to take over with the castles spanning two ages. The developers claim that there is over 5 hours of gameplay and promise that there will be much more gameplay to come in the future.  They are going to add some pirate levels in the future to give you some idea of the content to come! Provided you are a fan of Angry Birds, you will love this!

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