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The Holy Grail screen protector by Sir Lancelot’s Armor claimed to be the made of actual bullet proof glass iPhone screen protector. It prevents your iPhone screen from damage when dropped and of course protects your iPhone from scratches and preventing you from spending $299 for an iPhone 5/5S/5C screen replacement.

A lot a of people already uses the Holy Grail iPhone screen protector for iPhone 5, also iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. But you may wondering any good and bad review of this products.

Holy Grail Screen Protector Review

Check out some short reviews below:

Good reviews of the Holy Grail iPhone screen protector (the bad reviews just next to it)

Review #1

This is the best screen protector I have ever had. I’ve gone through many plastic ones but this is my first glass screen protector. It looks great and it is by far the easiest to apply to your phone. It is also bubble free as advertised! All you do is clean your phones screen with the included alcohol wipe and microfiber cloth, line up the protector with the home button and speaker and you’re done! The adhesive holds really strong and
There are only two insignificant drawbacks to this particular screen protector. One, because it is glass, it is a little thicker than plastic screen protectors. This causes the home button to feel slightly indented. Two, when looked at in direct light and the phone’s screen is not on, tiny dots arranged in a grid pattern are visible on the protector against the black backdrop of the inactive screen. Otherwise the are unnoticeable. If you are interested in a screen protector for your iPhone, invest in a glass one. They hold up longer and provide better protection. Of the glass screen protectors on the market, this is by far the best.

Review #2

I have have purchased at least a dozen screen protectors and none live up to what they promise. I admit I am hard on my phone, I don’t use a case because I want a slim phone to carry in my pocket. Every plastic protector fails. Either by getting scratched very easily, pealing off, distorting the screen or just changing the feel of the glass screen. The Holy Grail Glass, applies super easily, no bubbles and perfect placement on the first attempt. Feels just like the iPhone screen and so far not a single scratch. It is worth every penny so far.

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Bad reviews of the Holy Grail iPhone screen protector

This review will be short as there’s not much more you need to know except this product is a waste of money. The one I bought (white for 5S) had two terrible features:

1. Adhesive was weak, it literally FELL off in my purse, turning it into lint-covered protector. So I ordered another one.. SAME THING HAPPENED!! By the way, I had an electronics engineer technician friend install the screen, so I know this was not due to human error.

2. The solid white screen does not allow for enough light to penetrate the day/night sensor on the top of the iPhone. The darn screen would darken and then be excessively bright, all at the most inappropriate times. Many times while using this protector I could not read the screen nor even find the call end button because it had gone dark suddenly!

After this twice-failed experience, I bought the Spigen glass protector, regular thickness (not the super slim one). Much happier with the Spigen product, not a single complaint, and no more problems like those I experienced with the Holy Fail Glass Screen Protector.

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Video Review of Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail Screen Protector

Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail iPhone Screen Protector put to test with a gun

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