How To Get SIRI Working On iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 2/1, & iPod touch 4th/3rd gen


There are many free Siri proxy servers floating around. Some are legit, but they are down most of the time. Others are scams, and don’t even work. But developers from have finally developed a public server which allows you to access Siri on “non-capable” devices.

Now, in order to achieve the following steps on how to get Siri on your iDevice by using the i4siri server, you will of course need to be jailbroken.

1) Open up Cydia and download “Spire”. It takes a lot of time to get all the Siri frameworks onto your device, so please be patient, as this process can take up to 30 minutes. When it is done, it will prompt you to reboot your device.

2) After you have successfully installed Spire, go into your Settings, then tap General>Siri and then enable Siri.

3) After doing this, go to where your jailbreak portion of your Settings app (where all your jailbreak tweak preferences are) and you should see “Spire” among them. Click on it.

4) Add the following proxy server:

5) After entering the correct Siri proxy server (the one up above) go into your Safari app and type this in the URL box:

6) Doing step 5 should redirect you to your settings app. Tap “install” even though it might say “not trusted”.

7) Now try to activate Siri. If it does not happen to work, reboot your device. Sometimes a reboot is what it needs to kick into gear.

8) Congrats! You have successfully ported Siri to your older device! Have fun!

* If you still have problems, feel free to leave a comments below, and perhaps I can help you find the answer to your problems.

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