Six Towers: A fun and simple tower game

The Menu Screen
A Typical Starting Position

Six Towers is a good, interesting puzzle game. The game consists of moving various blocks from the previously scrambled stacks into neat, organised stacks. You have to organize them by both color and size, with 6 being on the bottom, 0 on the top of the tower. And to make it competitive and to prevent you just randomly moving blocks around you have to get them into the correct positions with as few moves as possible. To make it even more competitive there is a online leaderboards, called the ‘Hall of Fame of Towers.’


The Target Position

The rules are very easy:

  1. Move any upper brick to a empty column.
  2. Put any upper brick over the larger brick with the same color.
One major complaint with the game is the length of gameplay. It’s a short game unless you cough up 99 cents for extra game content. There isn’t much to say to the game as it is a very simple game. Follow the two rules and the game is simple. The closest I can think of as a comparison is that this game is akin to Freecell without a holding area and no need to stack the bricks in order.

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