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An iPad apart from its functionality, is indeed a work of art that is clearly evident in the fine aesthetics that the product displays, so when the original iPad was covered by cases both leather and fabric, which not only hid the beauty of this cool gadget, but also made the gadget heavy and thick.

Smart Cover in colors

Steve Jobs, Apple Inc’s CEO was quick to recognize this issue and made amends when he released his brand new iPad2. The result was a cool and must have accessory for the iPad2 and it has been called the iPad Smart Cover.

As the iPad2 is sleek, thin and amazing, it is really a shame if you have to hide all of this amazing aesthetics behind a bulky case. This is where the Smart Cover comes into picture. The Smart Cover is much more than just an ordinary case. This must have accessory has been designed and developed along with the iPad2 and is a perfect match for this wonderful
product. This sturdy and slim Smart Cover protects the sprawling 9.7 inch touch screen display in the front effectively without covering the strong aluminum rear of the iPad.

The Smart Cover does not make you iPad bulky in the process unlike most of the other cases and this way your iPad feels like an iPad should feel without having to compromise on the protection. The Smart Cover is a single flexible sheet that is less than 0.1 inch in thickens and has three vertical ribs. Users have an option of choosing between the polyurethane covers or the aniline dyed Italian leather covers. While the polyurethane covers offer a vibrant variety of color choices such as orange, pink, lime green, light gray and light blue, the leather covers have muted colors such as red, beige, black, charcoal gray and tan.

Smart Cover Front View

The specialty of the Smart Cover is that it has a felt like thin and soft microfiber lining which goes on the iPad’s display.
This microfiber lining can be used to gently clear off any fingerprints or even smudges on the screen.

Another cool feature that makes the Smart Cover a must have is that this cover automatically wakes as well as puts your iPad to sleep. All you have to do is place the Smart Cover on the screen and your iPad automatically goes to sleep and when you lift the cover, even just at the corner, your iPad wakes up automatically. This feature can be activated or deactivated by the user at any point of time.

Smart Cover Magnetic Hinge

The Smart cover has hinged magnetized metal bars on the left side which helps the cover in attaching itself to the iPad when placed in close proximity to the magnetized panel of the iPad2. These magnets are strong enough to hold the iPad in place even when you are carrying your iPad in a handbag or a crowded backpack. You can even use the Smart Cover as a handy stand while typing, watching movies, videos or pictures or while reading, playing games or just surfing the internet. The Smart cover can be folded along the ribs and this allows you to create a stand that lets you hold your iPad in a
comfortable position for reading, typing, watching movies or even video chatting. In case you want to shoot some HD quality video, all you have to do is peel the Smart Cover in so that it exposes the rear camera making it easier for you to capture videos.

Detaching the Smart Cover is not at all difficult. It can be peeled back and removed easily. The Smart cover is indeed an innovative product and a smart choice for users who want to protect their iPad 2 without wanting to compromise on style.

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