Sparrow Email Client for iPhone available now

Sparrow for iPhone is now available, the famous email client for Mac inspired interface for Twitter is finally available on iPhone and iPod Touch (App Store Link – $2.39). Facebook users for iOS will not be disoriented as they will recognize the tab to open the sidebar. The rest is of course the icons and their layout on the Mac version that seems to have inspired the application.

Sparrow email client iPhone

The client incorporates numerous features:

    Full IMAP support
    Unified Inbox
    Up & down conversations
    Everything is a swipe away
    Faces, displaying contact pictures
    Message swipe. Star, label, archive, delete with simple swipe
    Smart contacts – Put favorite contacts on the top
    Quick mailbox switch
    Mark all as read with one tap
    Thread view
    Pull to refresh new emails
    Priority Inbox support
    Powerful search for both local and remote
    More features of Sparrow you should discover.

The publisher promises that Sparrow (App Store Link – $2.39) will be soon translated into several languages, will include a landscape mode, an integrated web browser, and other surprises.

REMEMBER: neither Push notification for Sparrow nor POP for Sparrow features included in iPhone version. I hope that both important features will be supported very soon.

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