Sparrow Push Notification Cydia Tweak

Sparrow Push Cydia Tweak lets you enable Push Notification of Sparrow App

Sparrow app for iPhone was released a few days ago, an email client app for iPhone, inspired by Sparrow for Mac, an elegant and attractive e-mail client, a Tweetie-inspired mail app. Unfortunately, the most important features were not available yet, POP accounts and Push Notifications.

But don’t worry, with the power of jailbreak, push notification for Sparrow can be enabled with Sparrow Push cydia tweak. It makes you possible to get push notification from Sparrow app when you receive emails. Sparrow Push cydia tweak developed by iOS developer Kim Streich. If you already purchased Sparrow app (purchase Sparrow app from iTunes) from iTunes, then Sparrow Push is a must Cydia Tweak for you.

Sparrow Push Notification Cydia Tweak

According to ModMyi, sparrow push notifications are limited to simply badges. None of the notifications will bring up banners, lock screen notifications, or Notification Center notifications. However, Kim will be adding these features in the future updates, however due to the work that needs to be put into it, he has just released the badge support for now.

Name: Sparrow Push
Price: FREE Cydia Tweak
Version: 1.0-2
Requirements: Sparrow app, iOS 5
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: Kim Streich

Kim’s motivation for making Sparrow Push cydia tweak:

My motivation was that I really, really loved Sparrow and I was just wishing Apple would not cripple it. I am frustrated at how they are preventing innovation. So I decided to fix it. I wanted to use Sparrow the way it was meant to be used by the developers; it had push in the beta version.

via [@modmyi]

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