Texas Poker; poker done right

If you like poker this app will be perfect for you. You can play with real people all across the world whenever you want. Provided you have a iPhone or iPod touch and an internet connection you can play wherever. Of course this game, akin to real poker, requires some skill if you actually want to win! Don’t worry if you aren’t the best poker player in the world; there will be a table that is suitable for you.

When you do go online you can invite your friends to join you through a variety of methods: Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. ┬áBut even if you don’t want to play with your friends then don’t worry; thousands of players play daily.

If you don’t want to wait for daily lottery to get some chips you can buy your way with the various DLC in the iTunes Store with 100k chips for $0.99 and the cost/chip getting gradually cheaper. Although this game can be entirely free if you want to.

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