iPad Jailbreak

The new iPad 3 Jailbreak? i0n1c may have it

So, you have got the new iPad 3 today and would like to have the new iPad / iPad 3 jailbreak? Hold on, you may have it soon.
No, you won’t have it, but Stefan Esser –a well known iOS hacker– may have the new iPad jailbreak soon. Stefan has pre-ordered his iPad 3 on March 8th and tweeted that he will have a jailbroken the new iPad 3 until he gets his own Apple’s tablet.

iPad Jailbreak

This pattern is inevitable in jailbreak community, whenever a new exploit found and published, people will be asking for the jailbreak release repeatedly, and even rudely “forcing” the iOS hacker to release the jailbreak as soon as possible. I feel that such “demand” is really annoying. Stefan already known that and he prevent the bullies by saying that:

And I am pretty sure my latest tweet will result in bullshit news all over the net. There is no “you” in “i will have a jailbroken iPad”

It means that he is the only one that will have the new iPad 3 jailbreak and may not be released to public. Stefan confidently said to have iPad 3 jailbreak on Monday, or as soon as he gets his own iPad 3.

For those who’ve got the new iPad 3, would you jailbreak the new iPad? Keep it calm and cool, we will have the new iPad 3 jailbreak updates as it becomes available.

Stay tuned for more iPad 3 jailbreak updates.

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