iPhone 5S Noise Clicking Home Button

Ticking Noise on iPhone 5S Home Button

Getting the newest iPhone 5S is a dream for a lot of people, notably the Apple geeks. It has made lots of payroll checks being sacrificed just to get the device, warranted and wished for being the most perfect iPhone, at least until now. So even when the simplest troubleshoot being found on it, the coming complains is not being simple, it’s being as serious as possible.

iPhone 5S Different Color Models

Being long awaited, the iPhone 5S seems to draw complains as well as praises. The numero uno on the list is about the battery longevity, yet it soon be dusted off by the fact that almost every smartphone have the same issue, and usually it could be fixed by changing the online access setting.

The next is about the clacking sounds that the new iPhone 5S home button makes. At first, it is being blamed to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor the iPhone 5S has, yet changing the settings on the sensor still won’t erase the issue, or changing the phone with the new one will. For some user, the problem is hardly bothering, yet for the others, it can be so highly annoying.

Nevertheless, rather than severally products problem, the amount of the user’s complaints showed that the sound is a result from design flaws; even though the pitch level of the sounds are not uniform. This is why changing the product won’t fix iphone 5s clicky home button.

iPhone 5S Noise Clicking Home Button

There have been some success stories on getting rid of the noise by cleaning the phone’s home button with cotton and lubricating oil or isopropyl alcohol. It said that cleaning the dirt that stuck on the button would help to fix it.

Yet, this method still has some warning too, particularly on using the alcohol to the devices; if it is not applied carefully, it could break the warranty terms, and or even cause worse trouble to the devices.

However, this is normal and some people have checked the display models on Apple store they are the same. So it’s not a big issue and you should not be worry. Some users also reported that the sound gone after a few weeks of usage. So we don’t recommend you to perform any actions regarding iPhone 5S clicking noise.

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