Today’s Free iPhone App: Backup Contacts Easy

Today’s Free iPhone App is Backup Contacts Easy

Backup Contacts Easy is designed by Bhaskar Jyoti Raj and the app is classified as Productivity iPhone
. Consider this app as one of your Productivity iPhone apps.

Cost of Backup Contacts Easy is $1.99, but you may download and install Backup Contacts Easy free of cost just for today!

Backup Contacts Easy offers an easy and quick way to backup and restore iPhone contacts without the need of a Mac machine or any other 3rd party interface. Selectively backup all contacts with a single touch and store across e-mail accounts as vCard (.vcf) attachments.

The app offers a very easy to operate, simple and intuitive UI. Though the user interface is not really good at all, but the functionality to backup iPhone contacts is really working well and helpful for those who need quick and dirty way to backup their contacts on iPhone.

Features :

  • *Offline backup and email of contacts to users’ e-mail account(s)
  • *Easy restore of backup contacts by tapping on the backup file (vCard .vcf file) on iPhone/iPod Touch native mail clients
  • *Backup all contacts
  • *Selectively backup contacts based on pre-defined criteria
      -Contacts having Phone numbers
      -Contacts having Photo
      -Contacts having E-mail
      -Contacts having Address
  • *Backup files to Mac Machines/PC using iTunes file sharing feature

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