Today’s Free iPhone App: WinQ QR Code Reader & Maker

Today’s Free iPhone App is WinQ QR Code Reader & Maker

WinQ QR Code Reader & Maker is created by Indevour Ltd and it’s also categorized as Productivity iPhone
. Consider this app as one of your Productivity iPhone apps.

Cost of WinQ QR Code Reader & Maker is normally $0.99 , but you are able to download WinQ QR Code Reader & Maker 100 % free only for today!

WinQ is definitely a cool social networking iPhone app making it super easy to share information. It’s simpler to navigate than many QR readers and the developer is keen for feedback.

Within seconds WinQ lets you share your contact details with a new friend, save new contacts in iPhone Address Book as well as find people on social networks. No network connection required.

WinQ is a special form of QR-code which embeds your contact details. You could make contact cards right in your iPhone and share them with many people – quick and easy.

With WinQ you are able to:

-Create multiple contact cards and store them in QR-format in your iPhone
-Share your contact cards with other people in fractions of a second
-E-mail contact QR-codes
-Scan and decode QR-codes: all formats are supported
-Instantly add new individuals to your Address Book
-Find and befriend people on social networks;
-Plus much more.

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