Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks Of July 2012

[NEW Cydia Apps] Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks Of July 2012

Looking for NEW Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?
Here is the Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks Of July 2012. You can also see our best cydia tweaks series, just head over to Cydia Apps & Tweaks category on the left menu.

Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks Of July 2012

  1. Nitrous – $1.00
    Give JavaScript a speed boost with Nitro.

    Unlock the Nitro JavaScript engine to give your apps a speed boost.

    Normally, Nitro is only available to Apple apps such as Safari and iBooks. Nitrous lets you grant this access to other apps.

  2. Monocle – Free and SOURCE NEEDED:

    Monocle Cydia Tweaks allows users to enable full-screen mode for iOS apps such as Notes, Maps, Settings etc

  3. FoldMusic – $1.50

    Play music from home screen folders.
    This tweak allows you to have folders on your springboard that contains music(Playlist/Albums)

    All your favorite albums/playlist on your SpringBoard, in one place!

  4. NotesEnhancer – $0.99
    Useful keyboard features in Notes app.
    NotesEnhancer will add useful functions to Notes app, its brand new way of RichTextFormating for Notes app.

  5. MultiStorey – Free

    Redesign the app-switcher!
    MultiStorey is a small tweak that serves it’s purpose effectively with no unnecessary bells and whistles. Adding extra real-estate to the app-switcher in the form of another row of icons, switching apps becomes far easier and faster with a lot less scrolling involved.

  6. NetMeterWidget for NC – Free

    Network monitor for Notification Center.
    A Netmeter’s widget plugin.
    With this plugin, you can see your traffic information in the Notification Center.

    – Real-time refresh in Notification.
    – One touch to enter the main app of Netmeter.
    – Depends on Netmeter.
    – Support Multi-lingual. en-US, zh-cn, zh-tw…

  7. NetMeter – Free

    Track network traffic & data usage.
    Record and show your iDevice’s traffic information, such as Data usage, wifi usage, personal-hotspot usage, network speed and so on..

  8. iTypeWriter – $0.99

    The most realistic type writer sound effects available in Cydia.

    Turn your device into a classis type writer with iTypeWriter. This tweak adds the most realistic type writer sound effects available in Cydia to your iOS Keyboard including: Backspace,Return(Ding!),Space, and every key press dynamically changing. No word will sound the same. iTypeWriter also gives the ability to add Haptic Feedback (Device Vibration).

  9. NCInfo – $1.00
    Configurable display of device info on NC.

    NCInfo is a NotificationCenter widget that allow you to display the system information and text with custom format and process an action when you tap the widget.

    You can get the info like available Memory, Diskspace, current time, WiFi SSID, IP Address…etc.

  10. Safari OmniBar – Free

    It is Chrome-like omnibar to Safari. Adds a chrome-like omnibar to mobile safari with find-on-page support

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