Top Free Apps of The Week – 28 November 2011

Here are the list of Top free apps on iTunes store last week.

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  • Cinderella Cafe by Dream Cortex

    Have fun with Cuby and his pals once again! It’s time for a new adventure in Cinderella Cafe! While on vacation in the the faraway land of Fairy Kingdom, Cuby and his friends meet the beautiful Cinderella, who runs an enchanted cafe for the princess. But business hasn’t been going well for Cinderella, and it’s only with the help of the kind-hearted bunch that her cafe can be saved!

    Help Cuby and his friends restore the legendary cafe to its former glory! Take on the challenge using your speed, skill, and quick thinking, and bring back what Cinderella Cafe was best known for great food and fast, quality service!


  • Place My Face by MUGOCO Inc

    Place My Face is a great app for having fun with your friends photos. You can place your face on variety of funny photos.


  • Pixel Mall by Animoca

    Imagine yourself owning a mall and running ALL of the facilities… Crazy, right!?


  • Blood & Glory by Glu Games Inc.

    Battle in the arena and entertain BLOOD-thirsty crowds in a fight to the death. Here, GLORY is the only option…


  • Always Up! by AlphaWeb Plus LLP

    Awesome arcade jumper with puzzle elements! Collect stars to move forward!


  • Running Dino by OOO Gameprom

    Running Dino takes you back – way back – to the days when dinosaurs sprinted through the jungle, swinging from the trees!


  • Tap Tap Muppets by Disney

    TAP TAP MUPPETS features six full tracks — three of the most memorable songs from the tribute compilation, The Green Album, and three songs from the soundtrack to the movie event of the holidays, The Muppets!


  • Glass Tower 3 by iDevUA Treelight Limited

    Glass Tower 3 is a game with physical collisions and gravity simulation. Gameplay seems to be easy at first. Due to physical-based engine every level can be over in different ways. You have 3 lives at the beginning of each level.


  • Original Gangstaz Rock by Addmired, Inc

    This is a Online game only! iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi to play. iOS 3.0 & later


  • TGI Black Friday by Ecatcher, Inc.

    Black Friday (November 25th, 2011) is the busiest shopping day of the year. Use this app to plan your holiday shopping weeks before Black Friday ads are available in the newspaper. Please check the app frequently for new ads from your favorite stores such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sears and many more.


  • Tap Fish Seasons by Gameview Studios

    Welcome to Tap Fish Seasons, the seasonal version of Tap Fish the #1 aquarium / fish app in the Appstore! You are taps away from owning multiple aquariums, where you can decide what fish to grow, sell, and breed!

    Raise beautiful baby Clown Fish, feed them to see them grow, and decorate your tanks with exotic tropical plants and sea reefs. Easy and simple as 1-2-3. (Don’t forget to clean your tanks!)


  • My Car Salon by Animoca

    In My Car Salon, you own a brand new auto repair shop, and there’s a lot of cars in the neighborhood just itching for a good tune-up. Keep your customers happy by giving their cars the services that they need, and remember to do it quick! Manage your mechanics well to make sure they don’t slack off, and save up for some upgrades to help them work even faster.

    Think you can offer the best and fastest car servicing in town? Pull it off and you’ll see more cars roll into your shop, and more money roll into your cashier! Your shop awaits, so go and have fun!


  • A Christmas Santa by BLUE WIND

    Calling a strike at Christmas time is an annual event for Rudolph who works for free. Poor Santa Clause! He is broke to pay him.

    45 days left until Christmas. He made up his mind…. He will fly alone.
    You have to make the Santa Clause fly free within 45 days.


  • Ski On Neon by Esoteric Development

    ***Ski On Neon is FREE through Thanksgiving (an American holiday of minor note), so get yours now and tell your friends***

    LET’S HIT THE SLOPES!!!! – A high speed skier (with questionable fashion sense) jetting though 18 unique and challenging levels!


  • NFL Pro 2012 by Gameloft

    You’ve never played football like this before: FREE! Get hyped for an amazing 2011/2012 as you level-up and unlock tons of new features on your road to become a gridiron champion.

    Thanks to the official NFL and NFL Players License, you can choose to play and manage any of the 32 NFL teams with over 2,000 real players.


  • My Town 2 by Booyah, Inc.

    MyTown 2 is the incredible sequel to the #1 Real-World game of all time. Create the city of your dreams filled with your favorite places from the real-world! Get your town thriving as you buy, customize & upgrade real businesses. Earn coins to beautify your town with awesome decorative items. Grow your population & expand with tons of cool buildings, houses + rare & unique Wonders.

    MyTown 2 is the incredible sequel to the #1 Real-World game of all time. Life is a story. Build yours.


  • Dream Zoo by Zynga

    Ever seen a pink giraffe with chocolate swirls? What about a blue polka-dot elephant? Raise these adorable animals and more in Dream Zoo by Zynga!
    Play now and collect the world’s most amazing animals!


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