Turn Off Find My iPhone on iCloud without Password

Turn Off Find My iPhone on iCloud without Password

A bug in iOS 7 allows you to turn off Find My iPhone on iPad iPhone or iPod Touch without password. Find My iPhone is main key of finding a stolen iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, especially since the iOS 7 where each device will ask for a password before a user allowed to turned off Find My iPhone option on iCloud’s settings menu.

This is also the most people search for, bypass iCloud activation on iPhone, which most people trapped into.

But the bug found in iOS 7.0.4 by Bradley Williams only allow anyone with the iDevices in their possession to bypass iCloud’s security feature and turn off Find My iPhone without needing to wipe the phone or perform any other drastic steps. But, NOT for anyone who’ve been stuck on iCloud activation lockscreen already.

So, it’s completely different thing between bypassing iCloud activation lock and bypassing Find My iPhone on iCloud settings.

What’s the use of this bug?

For beginner, it’s really useful when you bought a secondhand iPhones from the Internet but facing a big issue where the previous owner’s iCloud email account intact and you’re no longer able to contact nor get any response from the seller.

Steps to bypass iCloud’s Find My iPhone feature without password

  1. Go to Settings → iCloud → tap on the account.
  2. Delete the current black circle password and replace it with any random password.
  3. Tap Done.
  4. Go back to iCloud settings and then tap the account again.
  5. This time, you should change the description. Replace iCloud with anything or just leave it blank and then tap Done.
    Turn Off Find My iPhone on iCloud without Password
    Turn Off Find My iPhone on iCloud without Password. image via @Tuaw
  6. You should go back to the iCloud’s setting menu and see that Find My iPhone already turned-off.
  7. Now, you’ve got Find My iPhone on iCloud’s setting turned off.

See how one Find My iPhone bug can let you to bypass the feature from asking password in action, demo by Bradley Williams·

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