(Tutorial) How-to use iMessage

So, you already know how great the iMessage and already installed iOS 5 with iMessage feature activated on Settings?
Be sure that you’ve also configured the iMessage with the correct known email, set the color ID, and other things.

Let’s step-up to the next level, how to use the iMessage, share photos, videos, contact, etc via iMessage?

Please watch this video first: iMessage vs SMS

*Credit to XCodeDev on YouTube

Also, iMessage demo by RJHaidHD on YouTube

Let’s see some explanations about of the iMessage video demo above.

If you have iOS 5 with iMessage-enabled on your iPhone, then you are going to send a new message to a contact, your iPhone will be checking if the recipient has iMessage feature enabled or not.

If the iPhone identified that the recipient has iOS 5 installed and iMessage-enabled, your message will be sent as an iMesagge instead of regular SMS text message. The send button and bubble color turned to be blue means that you are in iMessage mode.

While other conversation in a green color means that you are in regular text message.

So, you can spot the difference between SMS and iMessage by its bubble and button color.

If you sure that iMessage is enabled in both sender and recipient but the color turned to be green, the iMessage service probably unavailable and the message being sent as regular SMS based on the iMessage configuration Send As SMS.

When you are choosing a recipient from a contact list, you will notice a difference when a contact have iMessage feature enabled denoted by a blue chat bubble on the right of the contact name.

Hope you understand very well with the iMessage tutorial provided on SenseiPhone.

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