Ultimate iOS Paid Apps Of Week 24 January 2013

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We all enjoy Free apps but many times we have to pay a small fee to get the awesome applications to play. Personally, I don’t mind spending my money for a good application. However, I do want to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. That’s why we spend so much time debating which applications will earn the top spot on our site.

We take our Top Apps of The Week very serious here at SenseiPhone.com. We want our readers to come back here daily to find the applications they are looking for the most. That’s why any old mediocre application just don’t make our cut here. You can believe when we take the time and effort to include an app in our write up or video or both it’s earned the title and has great reason for being included. So without more ranting we hope you enjoy this weeks Top Paid Apps.

Top Paid Apps of The Week

GunSlugs $1.99

BananaKong $0.99

FullControl $1.99

Ecoute $1.99


Enjoy the video review and you’ll find all the links for downloading the apps immediately.  Feel free to watch the video review and leave a comment.

Watch Top Free iOS Apps Jan. 24, 2013

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