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How-to Unlock iPhone using SAM, Free iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS Unlock Solution

How-to Unlock iPhone using SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) Cydia App

Hello guys, I personally just tested this method and it really worked after about 5 hours trial and error alone. I tested this on my AT&T iPhone 4 baseband 04.11.08.
I urge you to try this method as soon as possible, because Apple may close this bug on the next iTunes or iOS updates, espcially for you who unable to Unlock AT&T iPhone 4S, iPhone4, or 3GS via phone or simply non-AT&T iPhone users.
However, once you have unlocked using this method, your iPhone will be unlocked, whether it’s baseband 04.12.01, 04.11.08, or even baseband 3.0.04 (latest CDMA iPhone4 baseband so far) also any baseband for iPhone 4S.

This method works on any iPhone iOS 5, so basically you can unlock iPhone4S, unlock iPhone4, and also unlock iPhone 3GS no matter which baseband it is, which means that you can

unlock baseband 04.12.01 (iPhone4),
unlock baseband 04.11.08 (iPhone4),
unlock baseband 1.0.11 (iPhone4S),
unlock baseband 1.0.13 (iPhone4S),
unlock baseband 1.0.14 (iPhone4S),
unlock baseband 2.0.10 (iPhone4S),
unlock baseband 3.0.03 (iPhone4 CDMA),
unlock baseband 3.0.04 (iPhone4 CDMA)

and also:
unlock baseband 05.14.02, 05.15.04, 05.16.01, 05.16.02, 05.16.05, without need to update to 06.15.00 baseband (iPhone3GS).

Since this method may be not working in near time, so you better get your iPhone unlocked for free today.
Okay, let’s get it straight to the point how-to unlock iPhone using SAM method.


  • Jailbroken iPhone (with iOS 5 installed)
    It is a must.
  • SIM card you want to use on iPhone
    This should be the SIM card you wanted to use on your iPhone, not the original SIM card of iPhone. Example: If you want to use T-Mobile SIM card on AT&T locked iPhone, then you should insert T-Mobile SIM to the iPhone now.
  • Computer with the latest iTunes software installed
    The latest version which has been tested to be working with this method is iTunes 10.6
  • Internet connection
    You will need an internet connection to activate the iPhone through iTunes.

Remember that this is not unlocking iPhone for all SIM card, but only unlocking iPhone for the inserted SIM card on it.

So, if you have, let’s say 3 different SIM cards you used at most, you will need to repeat this guide on every SIM card. Hence, you will need to do this 3 times. And also, this is not a permanent iPhone unlock. But, the iPhone will remain unlocked as long as you use the same SIM card and NOT updating the iPhone software (until further instructions, I mean subscribe to senseiphone.com).

Don’t forget to save the SAM unlock tickets using redsn0w, so you technically will have permanent SAM unlock.

Steps to unlock iPhone with SAM

I assume you have fulfiled all requirements.

  1. Open Cydia and add to Cydia repo: repo.bingner.com

    Add repo.bingner.com Cydia Repo
    Add repo.bingner.com Cydia Repo
  2. Once added, now tap on Bingner cydia repo and install SAM
    bingner repo
    repo.bingner.com for SAM cydia packages

    SAM cydia package
    SAM cydia package
  3. Cydia will ask to restart Springboard and when iPhone finished restart Springboard you will see a new app on Homescreen called SAMPrefs

    SAMprefs cydia app icon on HomeScreen
    SAMprefs cydia app icon on HomeScreen
  4. Open SAMPrefs app on Springboard or you can access it from Settings → SAM
  5. If you have a hacktivate iPhone, you will see this notification:

    Your iPhone is currently FactoryActivated this means you are hacktivated. Until you are not hacktivated your iPhone cannot be activated so SAM is disabled.
    Please try “Revert Lockdownd” under untilities and disable “Hacktivation”.

    SAM disabled for hacktivated iPhones
    SAM disabled for hacktivated iPhones
  6. Tap Utilities
  7. Please do the following additional steps if only your iPhone is hacktivated (either through redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, or PwnageTool)

    1. Scroll down and find Hacktivation Utils
    2. Tap Revert Lockdownd to Stock

      Revert Lockdownd to Stock for Hacktivated iPhones
      Revert Lockdownd to Stock for Hacktivated iPhones
    3. SAM Notification will tell you that Stockification Success then tap OK.

  8. Tap De-activate iPhone (clear push) then tap OK
  9. Tap SAM to go back to SAM app’s main screen and make sure that SAM is Enabled.
    SAM enabled
    SAM enabled
  10. Tap Method and make sure Auto Detect is selected (this is the most convinient and simple method)
  11. Tap More Information from SAM main menu
  12. In SAM Details information, copy the IMSI by tapping on IMSI number → Select All → Copy or you can just write it down

    Copy IMSI from SAM Details
    Copy IMSI from SAM Details
  13. Tap Spoof Real SIM to SAM then tap OK once you see Spoofed notification

    Spoof RealSIM to SAM
    Spoof RealSIM to SAM
  14. On SAM Main menu, change the IMSI number and replace with the one that you have copied before.

    Paste IMSI from SAM Details
    Paste IMSI from SAM Details
  15. Now connect the iPhone to the computer and open iTunes software.
    If you get “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported” message on iTunes, it means you are selecting the wrong carrier. This mostly happens if you selected either “By Country Name” or “By Country and Carrier” method instead of Auto Detect.
    Hence, I recommend you to use “Auto Detect” method.
  16. In this step, iTunes should detect your iPhone as normal and now just let iTunes re-activation your iPhone.

    Also check the ICCID on iTunes by double-clicking on Phone number on iTunes and make sure it’s exactly the same as the one in SAM → More Information menu.

    If it’s different with the one on your SAM app, then repeat the steps again. Otherwise, you may continue.

  17. Unplug your iPhone and close iTunes software.
  18. Now switch-off the Enabled option in SAM app to disable SAM.

  19. After you have Disabled SAM on iPhone, re-open iTunes software on the computer and re-connect the iPhone to the computer.
  20. You may see a message saying “The iPhone yourname’s iPhone failed to activate. Please try again later” with a blank iTunes page.
    The iPhone failed to activate error alert
    The iPhone failed to activate error alert

    Blank iTunes page after failed activation
    Blank iTunes page after failed activation
  21. This is good, you are just become closer to the unlock iPhone stage.

  22. Now the iPhone should be searching for signal and you should have some signal bar in few seconds which means your iPhone is now unlocked.
  23. If it’s not, try to close then re-open iTunes again and the iPhone should start searching for signal. If it’s not, try to reboot the iPhone while it’s still connected to the computer (without closing iTunes).

Let us know if you have successfully using this method to unlock your iPhone4S, iPhone4, or iPhone 3GS.
If you have problem while unlocking iPhone with SAM method, please post the error details and which step you are struggling on.

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