How-to Unlock Sprint iPhone 4S with SAM Method

How-to Unlock Sprint iPhone 4S with SAM Method previously posted an article How-to Unlock iPhone using SAM, which can be used for any iPhone4S, iPhone4, or iPhone3GS as long as you have iOS 5 installed on the iPhone.

However, unlocking Sprint iPhone4S with SAM method is a bit different. Follow the guide below to unlock your Spint iPhone4S.


  • Jailbroken iPhone (with iOS 5 installed)
    It is a must.
  • SIM card you want to use on iPhone
    This should be the SIM card you wanted to use on your iPhone, not the original SIM card of iPhone. Example: If you want to use T-Mobile SIM card on AT&T locked iPhone, then you should insert T-Mobile SIM to the iPhone now.
  • Original Sprint SIM card
    Yes, you will need original SIM card to unlock Sprint iPhone 4S only, other iPhone model doesn’t required the original SIM card. Sprint is CDMA and it doesnt use SIM card but you’ll have the SIM card with it and will only be used if you travel internationally.
  • Computer with the latest iTunes software installed
    The latest version which has been tested to be working with this method is iTunes 10.6
  • Internet connection
    You will need an internet connection to activate the iPhone through iTunes.

Remember that this is not unlocking iPhone for all SIM card, but only unlocking iPhone for the inserted SIM card on it.
Don’t forget to save the SAM unlock tickets using redsn0w, so you technically will have permanent SAM unlock.
So, if you have, let’s say 3 different SIM cards which you used at most, you will need to repeat this guide on every SIM card. Hence, you will need to do this 3 times. And also, this is not a permanent iPhone unlock. But, the iPhone will remain unlocked as long as you use the same SIM card and NOT updating the iPhone software (until further instructions, I mean subscribe to

Steps to unlock Sprint iPhone4S with SAM

I assume you have fulfiled all requirements.

  1. Open Cydia and add to Cydia repo:

    Add Cydia Repo
    Add Cydia Repo
  2. Once added, now tap on Bingner cydia repo and install SAM
    bingner repo for SAM cydia packages

    SAM cydia package
    SAM cydia package
  3. Cydia will ask to restart Springboard and when iPhone finished restart Springboard you will see a new app on Homescreen called SAMPrefs

    SAMprefs cydia app icon on HomeScreen
    SAMprefs cydia app icon on HomeScreen
  4. Open SAMPrefs app on Springboard or you can access it from Settings → SAM
  5. Now take out the iPhone SIM tray and put in your DESIRED carrier (requirement point#2). By inserting the SIM card, you will activate the Sprint iPhone in SIM card mode.
  6. Just wait for about 20 seconds so the iPhone entering SIM card mode.
  7. Now take out the desired SIM card and then put in your original Sprint SIM card.
  8. Tap More Information from SAM main menu
  9. In SAM Details information, copy the IMSI by tapping on IMSI number → Select All → Copy or you can just write it down.

    Copy IMSI from SAM Details
    Copy IMSI from SAM Details
  10. Now take out the Sprint SIM card.
  11. From SAM main menu, tap Utilities → De-activate iPhone (clear push) then tap OK
  12. Tap SAM to go back to SAM app’s main screen again and now tap Enabled to activate SAM (if it’s not already enabled).

    SAM enabled
    SAM enabled
  13. Now tap Method → By Bundle Name → Sprint_US.
  14. Put in the SIM card you wanted to use
  15. Tap Spoof Real SIM to SAM then tap OK once you see Spoofed notification

    Spoof RealSIM to SAM
    Spoof RealSIM to SAM
  16. On SAM Main menu, change the IMSI number and replace with the one that you have copied before.

    Paste IMSI from SAM Details
    Paste IMSI from SAM Details
  17. Open iTunes software amd plug the Sprint iPhone4S into the computer, then close iTunes (don’t close if iTunes still displaying progress bar). Then, unplug your iPhone.
  18. Open SAM again and now switch OFF the Enabled option.

  19. After you have Disabled SAM on iPhone, re-open iTunes software on the computer and re-connect the iPhone to the computer.
  20. iTunes will aler you “The iPhone yourname’s iPhone failed to activate. Please try again later” with a blank iTunes page.
    The iPhone failed to activate error alert
    The iPhone failed to activate error alert
  21. Now the iPhone should be searching for signal and you should have some signal bar in few seconds which means your iPhone is now unlocked.
  22. If it’s not, try to close then re-open iTunes again and the iPhone should start searching for signal. If it’s not Searching signal yet, try to reboot the iPhone while it’s still connected to the computer (without closing iTunes).
  23. Viola! Your Sprint iPhone4S should be unlocked now and you can use any SIM card on your Sprint iPhone4S.

Watch the video How-to Unlock Sprint iPhone 4S with SAM Method

Let us know if you have successfully unlocked Sprint iPhon4S using SAM unlock method we provided.
If you have problem while unlocking Sprint iPhone with SAM method, please post the error details and which step you are struggling on.

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