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How-to Unlock Verizon or Sprint iPhone 4S with TPSIM

How-to Unlock Verizon and Sprint iPhone 4S with TPSIM

To unlock Sprint iPhone 4S or Verizon iPhone 4S (CDMA version) you will need a special TPSIM version. Both Sprint and Verizon TPSIM is sold separately. (click here to buy TPSIM unlock)

Requirements: Your CDMA iPhone 4S must be jailbroken before it could be unlocked with TPSIM. See our How-to Jailbreak guide if you haven’t jailbroken already.

Once you have jailbreak verizon/sprint iPhone 4S, follow these steps to unlock CDMA iPhone 4S with TPSIM.

  1. Add to Cydia Repo: the TPSIM Official Cydia Repo:
  2. Search and Install from Cydia: ExtremeSnow
  3. Once ExtremeSn0w installed, you will need to enter TPSIM code which can be seen on the back of TPSIM package.

    TPSIM extremesnow code cdma

  4. Reboot your iPhone 4S
  5. Now, your CDMA iPhone 4S should be unlocked

If you are unable to send text message (SMS) while using TPSIM, you should set the SMS Center number of your SIM Card.

You should know the correct SMS Center Number for your service provider (you can ask the customer representative for the correct number), then dial *#5005*7672# to check whether the number is match or not. If the the number is incorrect, you can set the correct number by dialing **5005*7672*SMSCenterNumber# (REMEMBER: The SMSCNumber must be in international format).
You can also reset all settings on iPhone 4S or replace with another SIM card.

Make sure to buy the correct TPSIM version. TPSIM Verizon to unlock Verizon iPhone 4S, and TPSIM Sprint to unlock Sprint iPhone 4S. Buy TPSIM here, comment if you have problem while / after unlocking Sprint / Verizon iPhone 4S.

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