How to Untether Jailbreak Apple TV 2nd Generation 4.4.4 with Seas0nPass

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The Apple TV is a great little addition to your home entertainment center, but what is it used for? Well, with an Apple TV you basically have acces to what you want to see and hear. No, not those crazy things that are going through your mind! This meaning movies, TV shows, your music and photos, and even news and sports straight to your TV! But why stop there? Apple TV can be Jailbroken as well giving you access to extra content! And who better to give you a how-to guide on Jailbreaking an Apple device than SenseiPhone!

What you’ll need:

  • Seas0nPass: Mac or Windows [Right click and Run As Administrator / Needs XP or later]
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Apple TV 2nd Generation
  • Silver Apple TV Remote


[STEP 1]
– Run Seas0nPass
*Windows users right click and Run As Administrator* 

[STEP 2]
– Click ‘Create IPSW’ 

[STEP 3]

After it has created the IPSW, you will come to this screen where you will have to connect your Apple TV to your computer via USB micro cable.

[STEP 4]
– With the Silver Apple TV remote in hand, point to your Apple TV and hold the Menu & Play/Pause button for 7 seconds

[Step 5]
– in iTunes you will need to restore it to the IPSW Seas0nPass created. Mac users HOLD COMMAND and click Restore. Windows users HOLD SHIFT and click Restore. Now look for Apple’s IPSW and click open

Your Apple TV will restore to the Jailbroken IPSW created .

Once finished, your have a Jailbroken Apple TV!

Stay tuned for some Apple TV Jailbreak tweaks!



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