Apple iTable Picture

(Video) The Apple iTable?

If you’re looking for something to add to the blueprints for that iHouse you’ve been dreaming of, then you better check out this iTable video. It won’t only hold your beverages in style, but will also continually remind you of how sexy your iPad is, because the iTable will looks like it except it’s larger, just like a table.

Apple iTable Picture
Apple iTable

An interested quote from CNET Australia about iTable in 2010:

The size of a coffee table, the iTable will, according to CEO Steve Jobs, connect people in a shared multi-user experience. The multi-touch capacitive touchscreen will allow users to navigate digital content, such as photos and videos.

It will also be able to communicate wirelessly with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing users to seamlessly access their content across multiple devices.

The device will also have eight USB ports — two to a side — SD card support and four motion sensitive cameras (again, one on each side) so that users can take photos, videos and play motion games interacting with the screen.

Check out this video:

What do you think about this iTable?

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