How-to fix "No sim card" iPhone error

Video: How-to fix “No sim card” iPhone error

The following video shows you How-to fix “No sim card iPhone” error. So this is what you need to do if iphone says no sim card installed.

How-to fix "No sim card" iPhone error

Step fix shown here is a little bit different with the other fix we explain here: no sim card iphone error.

So it’s best to check the following repair and the other fix on the link above for iPhone no sim card fix.

It’s not only iPhone 3GS shows no sim detected, but with the newer models iphone 4 no sim detected, iphone 5 no sim detected, iphone 5s no sim detected, and iphone 5c no sim detected are happened as well. It’s not a big deal if iphone says no sim card, just try some tricks we explained and you’re good to go.

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