iPad Mini Mockup

(Video) Another iPad Mini Mockup uploaded to YouTube

The biggest news this fall from Apple may not be the newest iPhone, but the long awaited and much rumored about “iPad Mini” or “iPad Junior.” Some of the latest rumors includes an October 10th announcement date as well as videos showing what the device will actually look like.

One video shows a prototype of the device next to a MacBook Pro which is 15 inches big. The “iPad Mini” is less then half of the screen size at about 7.85 inches which is what all the rumors have been pointing to.

iPad Mini Mockup
iPad Mini Mockup

What is also interesting, is one of the videos shows the new iPad Mini with a new Lightening Port, which is the newest connecting device that Apple just launched with the iPhone 5 on September 12th this year.

Watch the iPad mini video below:

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