WeeToolbox Notification Center Addons

WeeToolbox for NotificationCenter Adds Useful Shortcuts to Notification Center

WeeToolbox for NotificationCenter is a Notification Center plugin for the iPhone that lets you to do a lot of actions, including compose facebook status update, new message, tweet, make phone call, take photo/video and much more!

WeeToolbox Notification Center Addons

You can perform these function quickly from notification center with WeeToolBox addons installed:

  • Quickly compose a Tweet, Facebook Status Update, or Text Message from Notification Center
  • Quickly make phone call on iPhone from Notification Center
  • Turn on/off the LED flash light flashlight quickly from Notification Center on iPhone 4S/iPhone 4
  • Upload the content of your clipboard to Pastie
  • Launch Camera faster from Notification Center

WeeToolbox for NotificationCenterWeeToolbox for NotificationCenter Compose Tweet From Notification Center

WeeToolbox for NotificationCenter can be configured from Settings → Notifications → WeeToolbox. You can switch on/off the functions you don’t want to add.

WeeToolbox for NotificationCenter Options

Watch WeeToolbox for NotificationCenter addon cydia tweak in action

Name: WeeToolbox for NotificationCenter
Author: Wundersoft
Repo: BigBoss
Section: Addons (NotificationCenter)
Price: Free Cydia Tweaks

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