iHACK iCloud activation id and pass v4

Where to Download “iHACK iCloud activation id and pass v 4.0” ???

We previously talked about iOS Soft Dev Pack, a software which will help you to hack Apple ID activation lock. But you can only bypass iCloud activation without being able to use the mobile network service. It’s just turned your useless iPhone become an iPod Touch.

However, smolk1984, the developer of this software released another video in his YouTube channel showing that he can bypass iCloud activation lock on iPad. That simply means, you can bypass iCloud lock on iOS 7 for any other devices other than iPhone 4.

iHACK iCloud activation id and pass v4

Will it help you to hack iOS 7 iCloud on iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 and other devices? We have no clue how far this software will help you to bypass iCloud lock.

Is this software for real?

We can’t say Yes for sure. In this video, we can see the demo of iHACK iCloud activation id and pass v 4.0 in action.


However, as you can see in the video’s comment section, we saw iH8sn0w –the famous guy in jailbreaking scene and creator of sn0wbreeze, commented about this video.

I see that its already connected to WiFi after booting. So I’m assuming that its already jailbroken (hence why iTunnel is spawned listening over USB). Restoring an old Activation Ticket over SSH? Not a bypass. :P [Freshly-Restored iCloud locked devices cannot be jailbroken and therefore cannot be bypassed].

Ih8sn0w comment about iCloud hack software

This comment lead us into a BIG DOUBT whether we’ll be able to hack Apple ID in real time soon or not.

But we’re still expecting good news as iH8sn0w already have bootrom exploit for A5(X) devices as he tweeted a few days ago.

Well, whether “iHACK iCloud activation id and pass v 4.0” or probably a brand new tool from iH8sn0w which will be released to public first, we are still looking for any chance to get iCloud activation lock removed.

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