Why Apple Choose Sapphire Screen for iPhone 6?

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We’ve talked much about Sapphire Glass for iPhone 6 in the past, you may asked: Why does Apple Choose Sapphire Screen for iPhone 6?

Why Apple Choose Sapphire Display for iPhone 6?

Well, here is a short explanation from various sources:

To be clear, when we’re talking about displays made out of sapphire, we’re referring to a manmade, synthetic version, not the actual gemstone. So what’s all the fuss about? A future iPhone with a display made out of the material could render it scratch-resistant and nearly unbreakable.
via @CNN

The reason why sapphire screens are so important to Apple and their innovation is because they need sapphire to protect all of their ‘cool stuff’ under the hood of their devices. via @Forbes

This video shows how Sapphire Crystal Screen Protector holds up to a concrete brick.

We believed that iPhone 6 sapphire screen is coming for real, if the Apple iPhone 6 features Sapphire Display then you will no need to buy additional expensive screen protector, no worries at all. What do you think?

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