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3 Good iPhone Apps For Checking Nearby WIFI Signals

When you’re outside of your home and in need of a good WIFI signal to conduct business, stay in touch with family or catch up on the latest at your fave social network, this is when your iPhone can become even more useful than it already is. Coupled with the right apps, your iPhone is an educational, entertaining and or informative tool like no other.

With this in mind, one type of app we want to discuss are WIFI apps. These apps enable you to find a good WIFI signal so that you can hook up and use your iPad, laptop, Kindle or other web-enabled gadget.




There are internet providers who provide free WiFi hotspots to their customers and you just need to know where to look to find them. Below we highlight three iPhone apps for checking nearby WIFI signals.

1. WIFI Finder – this app is made by JiWire Inc and features over 650,000 paid or free hot spot listings, including many international locations. This is probably the most popular and established of the the apps on this list, however all three offer their own pros and cons. If you seek an all around good app for finding WIFI signals via your iPhone, this is the one for you. Price: FREE

2. Auto WIFI – this fun app allows you to search and automatically connect to hot spots near or around you. It stores your various usernames and passwords from accounts and connects without you having to manually enter them in each time. Free and paid version. Price: $1.99

3. Spots, WIFI Hotspot Directory – with this cool app you can seek out local and national hotspots and you need not be online to connect as this app works offline. There is no waiting for your device to connect to the web in order to search, just flip the app on and go. Price: $1.99

As you can see there are good iPhone apps that enable you to find the best (or closest) WIFI signal for you to conduct business, stay in touch, shop or just chat with friends. If we missed your personal fave, let us know the name and drop the link below in the comment area.

Missy writes for Broadband Expert who provide reviews, guides and comparison on high speed internet providers, satellite, mobile and cable internet providers in your area.

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