Apple iPhone Air Concept Image

iPhone Air Rumors: Will Apple will be coming out with iPhone Air?

Apple iPhone Air Concept Image
Image: Apple iPhone Air Concept
Today we are going to talk about the rumored next generation iPhone. As always we see lots of leaks and concept videos coming out right before the launch, to get a glimpse about it. As per the latest information available through concept videos, Apple iPhone Air will be having a 4.7 inch display with a screen resolution of 1920*1080P which comes down to 468 PPI. This is a huge upgrade considering the fact that the current generation iPhone is just a 4 inches with a Pixels Per Inch (PPI) of 326 (also called as retina display).

Some of the concept videos which have come out had mentioned that the next Apple smartphone will be named ad iPhone 6, but SET solution which has produced numerous concept videos over the past few years related to Apple devices has mentioned that the next Apple smartphone would be iPhone Air. The other leaks which has come out with respect to Apple iPhone Air is dimensions. After successful generations of iPhone’s, Apple has tremendously reduced the screen size of iPhone and the current Apple iPhone 5S has a width of just 7.6 mm. It is expected that the next iPhone would be having a more thinner dimensions and more compact screen so that its consumers would still able to use this device one handedly.

We feel that the the next iPhone would have not just improvements in screen size, resolution and dimensions but there is more into it. We might see a better screen quality, more sensors like heart beat sensor seen in Samsung Galaxy S5, better camera for both rear and front and also a better improvements in the software side . There is also many chances that Apple will be putting it a quad core processor with 2GB Ram, so that it can handle the pixels with ease. The last but not the least, the next iPhone is expected to have a sapphire glass display instead of Gorilla Glass seen in the current and previous generation Apple smart phones.

Watch this concept video of SET solution which gives more idea of the rumored iPhone Air.

If Apple will release iPhone Air then the likely time of release would be during the months of September to November so that it is able to get good revenues during festivals. The pricing still uncertain but mostly it will be priced at the current price of Apple iPhone 5S, but it will be interesting to see whether we will have a 128 GB model of it or not as seen in current generation iPad’s as well in iPad 4. Well that time will tell as the most important thing is whether these specification turn out to be real or not. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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