Wrong Expectation of October 21 as iPhone 5 Release Date

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Remember our previous expectation that iPhone 5 release date is going to be October 21 according to leaked internal document of BestBuy?

Well, that Apple Fixture Installation event which will be held on October 21st is not related to iPhone 5 at all. The event’s description says that it will be: “Process Display or Granger will be installing an Apple fixture on the large C2 end displays.”

According to Macrumors, several of their BestBuy sources told that this is not going to be iPhone 5 event at all. “The large C2 end displays” as stated in event’s description means that:

It is the location of Best Buy’s iPad display, and updates to this display are fairly routine with new promotional materials or other layout changes.

We believe that iPhone 5 launch should be held on early October as Apple’s habit release date which could be October 7th or 14th.

However, if you are so anxious to be the first to own the iPhone 5, you can get ticket premiers from Deutsche Telekom to reserve iPhone 5 when the device released, one ticket per customer, terms and conditions apply.

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