Wall Street Journal corroborates new Apple TV

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We all know that a new Apple TV is on the cards for a time now. Apple is also negotiating for content deals with companies like Time Warner Cable.

In the current discussions, which involve at least two big media companies, Apple envisages working with cable companies, rather than competing against them, the people said. For programming, it would rely on cable providers to acquire programming rights from media companies, rather than acquire them on its own, the people said. Apple might consider seeking some rights directly in the future, one of the people said.

Wall Street Journal corroborates new Apple TV

The issue is that Apple wants a way through which, if someone uses Apple TV, that person will able to watch all the digital content which is provided by a cable provider like Comcast, Time Warner and DirecTV. So for that they need to acquire the copyrights and since they want a way through which this content is made available over the internet, Apple is finding out a way through this can be done.

It’s unclear whether Apple would sell the product directly, as it does with Apple TV, or would seek to distribute it through cable operators.

But now with the latest report by WSJ, it says that now Apple is using a way through which cable companies are used as a proxy for the same.

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